We are honored to have such a wide variety of learning experiences for conference participants. Read below to learn about our Deep Dives, and also our Support Sessions.

Deep Dives (wiki)

Breaking Down and Building Up: Designing Teaching Scaffolds | Master Teacher Marvin Antebi-Gruszka

In this session, teachers (or teams of teachers) will explore and plan against common pitfalls of using help strategies in the classroom as an exploration of the framework recently presented in Rhonda Bondie’s All-Ed Framework. In doing so, participants will design both routines/strategies/extensions for difficult tasks in their curricula as well as the teaching plans that will engage their students to master material and take ownership of help strategies and extensions. At the end of the session, teachers will have a plan for teaching their most difficult topics and a new/revised help or extension strategy that promotes durable, long-lasting learning. 

Climate Justice | Master Teacher Peter Mulroy

Helping students explore climate change as a social, economic, and ethical issue rather than just an environmental problem, we will analyze demographic and climate data sets that explore the links between poverty, race, and future climate related risks.

Curriculum Reboot | Master Teacher Vielca Anglin

Explore how to integrate math and science content with the design process in order to develop performance assessments that inspire empathy, critical thinking, and real-world problem solving.

Winning Hearts and Minds | Master Teacher Deborah Schaeffer and Early Career Teacher Britney Cook

How can we win the hearts and minds of our students without losing ourselves and burning out in the process? We will delve into the inner workings of our students’ minds in order to better understand their needs and motivations as adolescents with supports from psychological literature and ideas. We hope to encapsulate our rich discussions in the form of an “Adolescent Survival Guide” that can be a useful tool for ourselves and fellow educators. Facilitators: 

Facilitation as Leadership | School Leader Alan Cheng

Facilitation plays an important role in supporting the learning of teaching communities and in ensuring equity and access for all students. Teacher-leaders can deepen their knowledge of processes and protocols for building learning communities in their schools and at MfA. As participants explore responsive facilitation they will build a toolkit to increase voice and manage group dynamics, receive guided feedback about creating and customizing protocols. Facilitator: 

Instruction without the Board: Blended Learning in the Classroom |

Master Teachers Cesar Ebonia and Rachel Mushell

Are you looking for ways to support struggling and long-term absentee students? Let’s get empowered by learning how to implement “Blended Learning” in our classrooms, in a practical way.

Support Sessions (wiki)

Tuesday – 11 AM    Wednesday – 1 PM   Wednesday – 2:05 PM

Tuesday – 11 AM

EdCamp | Master Teacher Jessica Cimini-Samuels

Nobody knows what your students need to learn or review better than your students. A student-led EdCamp gives them the opportunity to choose topics, lead discussions and ask questions. It gives them the freedom to choose their own learning and can be used as a review or to expose them to new content and frees you up to focus your attention where it is most needed.  In this workshop we will discuss how to facilitate student-led EdCamps and put the power into their hands.

Scientific Research Skills | Master Teachers Ellie Williamson, Suzette Nelson, Shaniece Mosley, & Susan Katzoff

This support session is designed to build conversation around the key skills students need in a Science Research class. Although geared towards an introductory high school class,  it will be sufficiently rigorous so that the students will build strong skills to take to a higher level class

How Edpuzzle Can Change Your Classroom | Master Teacher Emily Hart

In this session, participants will learn about EdPuzzle, an online video sharing program that allows teachers to upload self-created or internet videos and modify them by adding questions and voice overs. Teachers can monitor what portions of the video have been watched and the program grades student responses, saving time and ensuring student engagement. Participants should bring their laptops and/or iPads to the session.

Connecting Big Ideas In and Out of The Classroom | Master Teacher Patrick Honner

Brainstorm, design, and refine your 2017-18 plan for connecting big ideas in and out of your classroom! We’ll work collaboratively to build plans for incorporating big ideas into our classrooms and connecting those ideas to outside opportunities for professional growth.

Opportunities for Productive Struggle | Master Teachers Melanie Plfaum & Heidi Reich

Are you interested in having your students engage in productive struggle in your classroom?  We will provide three problems we have used in our classrooms (one each of Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II).  These problems have helped our students learn content as well as how to be persistent, how to ask questions, and how to work together.  We will discuss different structures for classroom application.  We will provide a smorgasbord of additional problems and templates for working on these problems for people to investigate as well as share what they have done in their own classes. We will also supply theoretical support for using this type of exploration in the classroom.

Wednesday – 1 PM

Student-Led Classrooms | Master Teachers Tara Ware and Andrew Ridore

In this support session teachers will learn strategies to make their classroom more student-centered.  During this class they will learn how to create appropriate assessments, learn how to use those assessments to create appropriate groups, and learn how a class can be run mainly by students. Its time to make the students, the teachers

Joining the Global Teacher’s Lounge | Fellow Matt Baker

We all know about the great resources available through MƒA PDs, but what if it’s a Sunday night and you need an amazing, teacher-tested activity for the week? The Math Twitter Blogosphere (Or MTBoS) expands your Professional Learning Network across the world. This workshop will help teachers to get connected to the amazing online community of math teachers and preview some of the many available resources.

Problem-Solving Partners | Master Teacher Shannon Guglielmo

Whether you have your students work independently or in small groups during class, all students could benefit from having a problem-solving partner for a variety of contexts in STEM.  This support session will inspire you to start the year with a new perspective on partnerships.  Rubrics, protocols, and icebreakers specifically designed for building and strengthening partnerships will also be introduced.

Desmos | MƒA Fellow Maggie Weinreb

Ever want to do an exploration but have no way to monitor it? Want to do task cards but have no desire to cut out all the papers? Learn how our favorite graphing website, Desmos, is changing the game for all of this!

Science Case Studies | Master Teacher Mimi Parbhu

Case Studies provide an opportunity for students to conceptualize what they are learning and connect it to real world experiences and applications. They provide a lens through which a unit is taught that engages and challenges students and apply a common theme that ties a unit together. From space exploration when learning about physics to Tay Sachs disease when learning genetics, the learning possibilities are endless and thoroughly engaging for students. Collectively we can begin to create amazing case studies for the coming school year that students and teachers will love.

Wednesday – 2:05 PM

Using Assessment to Enhance Student Learning | Master Teachers Jenessa Kornaker and Shaniece Mosley

In this support session workshop, we will explore a variety of tools and instructional strategies that help educators assess student learning. Educators who attend this workshop will be able to add the tools and strategies we will explore to their “teacher bag of classroom tricks” and leave the session feeling better equipped to accurately and authentically assess their students.

Introduction to DeltaMath | Master Teacher Zach Korzyk

Come learn how to use DeltaMath in a session run by the creator himself. DeltaMath is a free online program for homework or classwork with hundreds of problems types from across the middle school and high school curriculum. The session will focus on the basics such as creating an account, making assignments and techniques for viewing student data.

Kitchen Chemistry | Master Teachers Hayeon Rachel Jun and Laryssa Kramarchuk

This support-session is designed to be a hands-on approach to chemistry; we will explore the connection between cooking and science as an educational tool. Participants will be able to rotate and round-robin a few stations that illustrate chemical and biochemical principles such as phase changes, colligative factors and solubility, denaturation, etc.

Paper Folding | Master Teacher Gary Rubinstein

Paper folding can be used to explore higher math concepts in a fun a literal ‘hands on’ way. Join us as we explore conic sections and line segments whose lengths are the solutions to equations all the way up to the third degree.

For Realz? Concrete Demonstrations for Abstract Ideas | Master Teacher Samantha Shen

Uncover the secret recipe for engaging demonstrations and rigorous analysis.  This support session is especially applicable to under resourced schools and overworked teachers.