Summer Conference Planning


I was pretty excited when I heard Math for America was planning a summer conference. I wanted to participate during the fall but had a great PLT that conflicted with the planning times. I decided to join during the spring session and so far have been to two planning sessions.

It’s not unusual to see such a tremendous amount of energy and dedication from the MfA teachers spearheading this daunting task, but I am amazed at how focused Brian and Courtney are and the great response from all that are helping to move this conference forward.

I think the conference will be an opportunity for teachers to take a “deep dive” into topics that we sometimes only scratch the surface with in some of our PD sessions.  I love the idea of making a focused strand for three days to learn more about a topic and create a product!

I also hope the conference will  connect more MfA teachers in a more relaxed environment and that the opportunities for mingling will allow for some fun conversations about recharging and refreshing while igniting ideas for new lessons.

I’m excited to continue working with the planning team to make this an awesome annual event!

Diana Lennon

MfA Master Teacher 2013 Cohort


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